New rules for long-turn game

First LongTurn Freeciv has alredy been started. We hope not last. To join LongTurn Freeciv game inform us that you want to play at our forum and look there every day, because all informations and news will appear only there.
If enough players will be intrested we will start another LongTurn game with some other ruleset modification and with civ2 rulestyle in next few weeks. More info coming soon.


Following rules are prepared to use on slow-motion freeciv multiplayer game (with TIMEOUT=24h).


  • Completly new units: cart and truck, compare with modified manual page.
  • Science rate lowered (40% for Despotism, etc), corruption rate slightly lowered.
  • Palace is adding 100% of science bonus, it can be set without Masonry.
  • Min_city_dist=3
  • Faster movement of units, enhanced visible range.
  • Rather big map, 100x80, gen=1, with realistic amounts of terrain type.

OK, but why to use such slow server (with 24h timeout)?

  1. classical multiplayer game with timeout=60s is rather like RTS deathmatch
  2. it is hard to develop advanced strategy during the on-line game
  3. playing big maps on the on-line server is boring
  4. players are usually disconnecting then something goes wrong and trying anoter on-line game
  5. players are disconnecting if a game is too long or they must go home/to bed /to work etc.
  6. modem players can't play on-line games if they must pay for the connection time

Of course, the initial phase of the game should be quick (nobody want to spend weeks observing new settler production).
After initial phase of growth, game will become off-line.
You can join at anytime, make your move, revise your strategy, setup your production, and then disconnect.


Orginal author: McZapkie

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